Callum, Rugby and Saturdays off

The very big positive side of the winter months being quieter for actually filming weddings, is that I do get some Saturdays off.

The best part of those days is getting to watch Callum play rugby for Watson’s.  He’s currently picked as a Hooker (as he’s a demon at driving through people much bigger than him and just will not let go of the ball when nabbed;) .  Personally I’m thinking Flanker or outside Centre (which will please Yvonne as she hates the idea of him becoming a big cauliflower ear forward and spoiling his good looks).  Time will tell 😉

So I just thought I’d share a few of photos from the past couple of matches.  A couple of nice breakaway tries from loose ball at the base of the scrum, a nice crash ball restart, and getting nabbed by children that surely are no way only 11yrs old 😉

So, I’m enjoying my Saturday mornings off, but boy is it cold!  Brrr, and I’m the one with the coat, hat and scarf on!  Ahh, brings back the days of me running around with a rugby ball in the snow…. way back in the day 😉










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Katie & Colin’s Highlights – Glenbervie House Hotel Wedding

Here’s the highlights sequence from Katie & Colin’s Wedding at Glenbervie House Hotel.

Katie and Colin were really up for some fun, and had a blast with their photo shoot with the brilliant Gordon McGowan

A really emotional day and Katie held it together well. The day was rounded off with a rather cool surprise…. the Awesome Red Hot Chilli Pipers…not even Colin knew about it!

Thanks for being so much fun guys, it’s easy to see your day was both a very emotional one, yet also filled with so much fun and laughter.



December 4, 2009 - 5:43 pm

katie muir - Absolutely love it!!!! watched it non stop since we got it last weekend!!!
Thanks so much Steve

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Dundas Castle Wedding – Wedding Video DVD Highlights Sequence

Busy Busy Busy on the edit front.  Working through the Munro of edits and doing well, so thought I’d show you a highlights from a little earlier in the year with a Wedding at Dundas Castle and the film of Grant & Christi.

Grant & Christi had a fabulous wedding, a lovely intimate family affair and as their humanist ceremony vows were so special I decided to make use of them in the highlights sequence.  It was also lovely to work alongside Sarah & Jenny at Sarah Elizabeth Photography again (I’ve had the pleasure of filming both Sarah & Jenny’s Weddings, so always really good fun to work with them!).

So here, without further ado, the highlights of Grant & Christi.

Do let me know your thoughts!  All comments are very welcome, love to hear what you think!


January 6, 2010 - 4:50 pm

libby - I’ve just watched lots of your videos and I am now in floods of tears, you definetely know how to capture the moment, they are fab!

December 29, 2009 - 9:50 am

Carol - That was a lovely video, the music, the voice over, the wonderful vows, the creative fliming, brilliant, don’t know the couple but had a lump in my throat.

December 6, 2009 - 9:18 pm

Sarah & Jenny - Great to work with you both as always. Brilliant set of highlights but wouldn’t expect anything less! Look forward to working with you again soon.

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VOWS Awards 2009 – photographic evidence gulp!

OK a couple of days late (was at a training course yesterday) but here are a couple of photos from the VOWS Awards 2009.

We had a great night, really good fun and superb company.  Below are some photos of Yvonne, Stuart and myself, along with some photos of Niels & Alie from Blue Sky Photography.  If there are any gaps then it’s because they have been censored by Niels, who as the photos show had a good time!  Niels and Alie were great fun and it was also nice to see Jay & Christina from Elemental:)

Also, Stuart (who for the record once and for all, is not my son! nor does he wear a waistcoat at every function!) came along and had a good time too.   He did well to consume more red wine than anyone (then again he is a youngster), yet not exhibit any of the side effects (slurring, falling over, dancing like your dad etc).

Well, subject to approval by those featured in the photos, here goes…. normal disclaimers apply (ie point and shoot camera, moderate alcohol use, we only get out twice a year etc etc)






November 12, 2009 - 11:21 pm

Alie and Niels - Loving your work Steve! These pics made us laugh – just wait until we see the video footage. What a great night – we had a ball. Thank you for being fab company you cute little DSV family you :-) Here’s to 2010!

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Highlights – Blair Estate – Wedding Video

Wow……October’s over, Halloween’s done, Bonfire Night all fizzzled out…. guess it’s time for a new video?!

I’m in a period of very intense editing right now – long long hours at the edit suite, and working 7 days a week trying to bring down the backlog and wait time.

I know my clients may have to wait a little longer than some, but I hope you will agree the final films are worth those few more weeks of patience:)

So, here is an ‘alternative’ highlights sequence from this weeks edit.  The  song used is a personal choice rather than the couples chosen music as I just felt this one would work – you be the judge of that I guess…

So here we have Lindsay & Mark’s Wedding at the wonderful Blair Estate.



November 9, 2009 - 11:04 pm

John De Rienzo - Your editing is superb Steve! Spot on, and lovely work.

Congratulations on your awards. Well deserved.

November 9, 2009 - 8:59 am

Simon Grosset - Just luuuurve the shot at 1:23 !

And good luck in the VOWS awards tonight – has Mrs T had her hair done yet?


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The holiday has subsided now and it’s my first day back in the office so lots to catch up on! (as well as a mountain of editing…Mañana,  Mañana)

Just been reflecting on the whirlwind that was the IOV Awards in Coventry the week before last.  The Institute of Videography is the UK’s professional body for Filmmakers from all walks of life including commercial, wedding & event, music industry, corporate and broadcast filmmakers.  I’ve been a Master Member for many years but only once before got around to submitting anything for their Annual Awards.

Anyhow this year I didn’t have time to edit anything together especially for the awards so I decided to submit a showreel DVD with 5 of my recent films, covering different facets of my work as a wedding videographer.  As it was a showreel, it was entered into the open category, and I sat back and waited for the shortlist to be announced.

When I discovered I had been shortlisted I was absolutely chuffed to bits!  The competition is extremely tough and includes some serious talent from across the whole of the UK!

So jump forward to the IOV Awards dinner at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.  It was the 14th October which happened to be our 13th Wedding Anniversary so I was hoping for something special given that I had left the night before and Yvonne and I wouldn’t see each other that day:( (sorry Mrs T hope you forgive me!)

IOV awardsSo my apologies and anniversary wishes were made on the phone to Yvonne, and I parked up in the Ricoh Arena Carpark (uncannily all the parking spaces were numbered and as I got out of the car I noticed I had parked in space number 1 – corny co-incidence perhaps lol).

Pre-dinner glass of water (I was driving to Glasgow Airport through the night as we were flying out to Tenerife at 5am the next morning!) then a nervous dinner, some chat, coffee and then on to the awards proper.

There were 5 people in each category and ‘Open’ was up first (thankfully as I had that 5hr drive ahead of me!).

3rd place….2nd place… then a pause and I realised I had either come first or 4th/5th….. I don’t really remember the next minute or so, other than something about a blurted expletive as I stood up, and then charged up to the stage to collect my award from Maggie Philbin ex of Tomorrows World (don’t know who she is?  ask your dad lol).  A few photos, lots of hand shaking and then back to my seat in total shock. FIRST PLACE!!!!!!

Hurried goodbyes and then a 4 and half hour car journey northwards up the M6, fueled by coffee and pure adrenaline!

I must admit I am immensely proud to have won this award.  It’s an award for the quality of my work, my filming, my editing, my post production and coming from the Institute of Videography it’s a huge pat on the back.

So thank you to the IOV Judging panel, thank you to Yvonne for supporting me and for being my soul mate, thank you to Callum for making me laugh so much, to the great photographers out there we work with week in week out (you know who you are) and to my parents who I wish were here to see it:(

There, acceptance speech done 😉 [sorry, yes I know that was a cheesy moment but I had to do it]

You can see one of the samples from the Showreel DVD just below.

Here’s to the rest of 2009 and a completely awesome 2010!



November 9, 2009 - 1:19 pm

Busy Busy… » Scottish Wedding Consultants and Wedding Planner Scotland Blog - […] to blog….sorry!  been a bit hectic with planning, holidays and my hubby’s amazing Wedding Video Award so not found time to add to the blog, but I will post some more cool stuff in the next couple of […]

October 27, 2009 - 5:07 pm

Lucy Swanson - Fantastic wedding videos, very impressed and as wedding planners from Scotland it is great to see another Scot in the wedding trade doing so well.

October 26, 2009 - 11:57 pm

Niels & Alie - Steve, Stuart, Yvonne (& Callum!) – huge congrats to you all… soooo very well deserved – we love this DVD (and of course all your work!) The quality of your work and your attention to detail is unmatched; you guys rock!

October 26, 2009 - 8:22 pm

John Paul Lusk - Congratulations, great to see someone from Scotland do well, beautiful sample and a well deserved award

October 26, 2009 - 5:55 pm

Simon Grosset - Congratulations!

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Stacey & Barry Highlights – Dundas Castle Wedding Video

Here’s a lovely highlights sequence from a fab Dundas Castle wedding earlier in the year.

Ceremony at St Johns Church in Edinburgh and the reception at the stupendous Dundas Castle.

Photographers were Alan & Jackie Rankine and Piper was the inimitable Roddy The Piper.



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October Break – OMG Steve gets a holiday!

Just back from a fabby break in Costa Adeje, a lovely part of Tenerife  – a really nice surprise.  I’ve never been to ‘Tenerife’ before and had visions of hundreds of British Bulldog pubs but thankfully Costa Adeje is just lovely with some amazing hotels, beautiful golden sandy beach, and lots of cool bars and restaurants.  Nice and classy:)

Anyhow we had a great time and feel pretty rested and eager to get through my backlog of editing work now that the filming schedule has slowed.

Well I thought I’d share a few pix from our hols – and my usual disclaimer is that this was taken with a tiny point n’ shoot Lumix compact camera so not as creative as I’d like, but some nice pix of us having fun and a little of Costa Adeje.

Back to ‘proper’ work after this:)



[nggallery id=4]

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YES!! I’m very chuffed to say that tonight, I won the Institute of Videography Best Open Award 2009 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

That’s a UK wide competition and very hotly contested with some seriously good videographers across the whole UK so it’s a brilliant award and I’m very very proud:)

Worth being away from Yvonne on our 13th Wedding Anniversay (sorry Mrs T)

I’ll post more info, a sample of my winning entry, and pix in a few days. Taking a break right now and adding this via the iPhone so no pix available.

Fantastic! Yeayyyyyyyy.

Ok it’s 330am, and i’m still waiting for the caffeine and adrenaline to wear off so I can get some sleep:)



October 17, 2009 - 8:53 pm

Simon - […] In Scotland of course, we do it differently, and so much better! Steve’s ‘Pop Video’ was a request by the bride, and as you can see from the out-takes, quite a few rehearsals were needed! The result was part of the show reel that won Steve a prestigious award from the Institute of Videographers. […]

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More Edinburgh Autumn Sunshine!!!

Oops, forgot to post this from last weekend…. We had a nice chilled Sunday brunch in town, enjoying some more surprise Autumn weather.  So took the opportunity to take another couple of snaps of Callum doing his usual ‘moody’ posing.  Not sure why our ‘eleven-teen’ year old insists on only being able to do ‘moody’ or ‘cheesy laughter’ poses and not much in between.  I think I’ll have to stop taking pix of him, he’s probably getting fed up by now.

Anyway, just a diversion from the Wedding stuff…. Enjoy…..  Got a really cool Highlights edit coming soon (once the B&G have seen it first 😉

Have a great weekend!



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Ben and Nikki Don’t Stop Me Now – Wedding Pop Video – Marryoke Real Life Weddings [VIDEO]

Don’t Stop Me Now Marryoke Wedding Day Pop Video for Ben & Nikki as featured in The Scottish Wedding Directory 2010

Hello to all you Real Life Wedding readers out there….

Well as promised here (again) is the Wedding Pop Video we created for Ben & Nikki on their  fabulous Wedding Day at Balbirnie House earlier this year.

Just so you know, this is something very different for Design Scotland Video! It’s not our usual ‘unobtrusive’ cup of tea but Ben & Nikki were so up for it we just had to go with it!

There’s lots of ‘marryoke’ about and most unfortunately seem to opt for the ultra obvious ‘Perfect Day’ routine. OK don’t get me wrong, it’s a great song, but do you honestly want a song that was written about Lou Reed’s heroin addiction (come on, have you not seen Trainspotting?!).

Please do relax, as if you are looking for a really natural, creative wedding film, with a truly unobtrusive style, and from a multi-award winning company….then we are the right choice!

Do look at some of the other blog videos, plus our private demo room (contact us for access) and see what we can do!

OK, without further ado here is Ben & Nikki’s Wedding Day Pop Video.

Enjoy, oh and…. ‘don’t stop them now!’



November 8, 2009 - 8:40 pm

Colin Moxey - Steve,

Your work is fantastic. Great quality,composition and an eye for detail.

This “pop” video is brilliant. And i appreciate the huge amount of editing involved to create this stunning piece of work.

Good luck for the future.

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VOWS Awards 2009 – Nominated for Best Videographer !


VOWS Awards 2009!  Yeay! We’re still doing things right obviously!

Chuffed to have been Nominated for the VOWS Awards again this year and so pleased that our couples have loved our service quality – something we do work very hard at.

So, thanks to every one of our fantastic couples who voted and I must say we are looking forward to the VOWS Awards party in November.

[note to self – only 1 glass of champers at the pre dinner drinks this time!]

What an amazing industry this is! How could I do anything else for a living!!

[Update:  had a cool ‘pressie’ from the VOWS Awards folks today, a star paperweight, really nice touch guys!!  Thanks!]



Oh and Callum was impressed with the ‘Star’ when he got home from School 😉

blogstarpost2Happy days:)


Design Scotland Video

VOWS Awards 2009 – Best Videographer

October 9, 2009 - 11:31 pm

admin - Aww, thanks Alie! Well done to you guys too! Looking forward to a great night :)

October 9, 2009 - 10:38 pm

Alie Calvert - Hey Steve, Congratulations! We think the DSV team are stars and would never recommend anyone else. Love the shots with Callum… We’ll try to help you not drink too much champagne :-)

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Wedding at Loch Lomond Golf Club [VIDEO]

Loch Lomond Golf Club Wedding Video

This is the highlights sequence from the Wedding of Claire & Scott at Loch Lomond Golf Club.  The weather was perfect, the setting was stunning and the B&G, well see for yourself…:)

It was a fabulous day and Claire & Scott had a ball!

The event was co-ordinated by extratime weddings who co-ordinate many Footballers weddings in Scotland due to their close links with the sport, plus corporate and other sporting events.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs McDonald!

Enjoy the film.

October 8, 2009 - 4:12 pm

Ed - Fabulous location and fabulous video!

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Cool, Summer is STILL here!

We’ve had  a great weekend just relaxing and enjoying this fantastic weather!

It’s been a good summer overall with some fab weather for our weddings but to get a few days like this in September is a complete bonus!

I was working on Saturday but we did all get chance to chill today and unwind after a busy week:)

So here are a few photos of Callum, Yvonne and I having some fun – and yes Callum ‘nearly’ managed to give Yvonne a Collybucky (piggyback) before they collapsed in a heap.

Long may this summer last.

Have fun:)


[PS: and yes, Callum refuses to have his hair cut!]




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Coming Soon…

Hello!!!  Sorry I am still here!

Things are a little hectic right now, still busy filming weddings and also working through the backlog of films that need to be edited.

I’m blessed to have superbly patient clients, so thanks for waiting guys!

I’ve done a couple of ‘coming soon’ films so thought I’d share one I did recently for Lindsay and Jamie at Dundas Castle. A fabulous couple who had a complete blast, so here’s the little teaser that will keep them going while I finish the edit (not too long now guys, promise:-)


September 13, 2009 - 6:37 pm

Derek - Awesome vid Steve!

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