Ashleigh & Russell at Dundas Castle – Wedding Highlights Film

Romance and Fun.

Weddings are of course always romantic & emotional affairs, but one thing we always remember is that they are also loads of fun!

We try and capture the real essence of our couples and their wedding days, and as you’ll see from Ashleigh & Russell’s wedding, they love each other heaps, but they also know how to have an awesome time and for them the choice of song for the highlights film was just right.

Emotional beginning, fun ending.  Seemed to fit A&R perfectly.

We had so much fun on the day and laughed far too much, helped of course by working with Alan & Jackie at Rankine Photography, oh and Dundas Castle looked as stunning as ever:)

Big wow also to Gemma and her amazing team at  Planet Flowers…. gorgeous flowers or what!!

Enjoy the film.


July 4, 2013 - 11:40 am

Paul, Susan, Leah & Joey in Oz - What a fabulous video so sorry we weren’t there to share your big day but the video was a wee conselation. :)

May 29, 2013 - 3:02 pm

CherryTreeAdmin - You too… well spotted on the final shot, cute ending I thought :) See you soon! Steve

May 29, 2013 - 3:00 pm

Alan & Jackie - Love it!

Only noticed the little double exposure at the end on 2nd viewing.

Brill. to work with you as always. See you for another cracker very soon.

A & J x

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Hopetoun House Wedding Film – Sean and Dominique

The joining of two families.

That’s a really great part of a wedding, and here we see two rather lovely families coming together to celebrate Sean & Dominique’s pretty darned awesome Winter wedding day.

For starters it took place at the always amazing Hopetoun House near Edinburgh, the weather held up and gave us a beautifully crisp Winters day!  Style was abundent, from Dominique’s stunning dress to the very cool kilts, and it was great to see Andrew from Kiltpin dressing the guys to ensure they were all immaculate.  On top of the obvious love and emotion was a ton of fun, including a brill first dance (great song choice guys!) LaFavorita Pizza van, and the most spectacular fireworks display from 21cc Fireworks.  It all added up to one truly special day.

Great to work with Niels and Alie from Blue Sky Photography again too.

Sean & Dominique’s main wedding film and trailer were quite pacey, so I really wanted the Highlights to be a little more measured and use more of the lovely soundbites from the day, to really tell the story of their day.  I think the song worked perfectly.

So, everyone had fun at Sean & Dominique’s Wedding (us included) and the very best thing for me is that I’m going to see them all again in a couple of weeks at Sean’s sisters wedding. Woo!

Party time once again, bring it on!:)


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French Wedding at Roxburghe Hotel – Sarah & Fabrice

“What can I tell you… Sarah has just changed my life”

What a wonderful opening line for a film. Thank you Fabrice for not only giving me the perfect opening line, but I think my favourite end shot of a film for a very long time (you’ll see!).  The end shot somehow manages to encapsulate Fabrice’s personality in one simple gesture. Love it. Oh and there is a whole lot of loveliness in between!

Sarah & Fab’s Anglo-French wedding was a wonderfully stylish affair, filled with French flair.  Everything turned out just perfect including the Autumn weather, we were treated to a stunning day down in the Scottish Borders at Roxburghe.

The day was definitely a celebration, not only of Sarah & Fabrice being married but also of the bringing together of two families and two cultures.  A favourite part of mine was the way the speeches were read.  The two bestmen decided to read each section in English then in French, only to make it more fun the English bestman read it in French, and the French bestman read in English.  It just made for a really fun speech with the different accents creating the odd little grammatical mistake which only added to the fun (you’ll see!).

So, Sarah & Fabrice’s wedding was a beautiful, warm, happy day and we had a ton of fun.  Thank you Sarah & Fab for making us feel SO welcome, I’m so glad you love the film as much as you do!  I think I love it just as much!

OK, here we go… The awesome wedding of Sarah & Fabrice.

Bon spectacle!


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Glen Tanar Ballroom – Alison & Chris – Wedding Film Highlights

Alison & Chris were awesome.  I loved their sense of humour, their attention to detail, and the talent with which they crafted many things for the wedding (just check out the brilliant hand crafted pearl bouquets!).

They have known each other for 15 years, and been a couple for over 5, so the start of the film just had to be Chris reading the card that Alison sent him one Birthday all those years ago… I also loved the payback from the card Chris gave to Alison on the wedding day.  Hilarious.

Glen Tanar Ballroom was stunning, not just the ballroom itself but the location, simply beautiful and Scotland at it’s very best!

It was great to work with Martin Leckie again, some stunning images no doubt, and also a big thanks to Derek for helping out as second cameraman on the day.

Here is their highlights film, I do hope you love it as much as I do!


PS: Alison is a rather talented photographer too… check out some of her work on Flikr



April 6, 2013 - 5:01 pm

Alisom - Can’t put into words how much I love our wedding films. They are simply superb. Thanks so much Steve, don’t think I will ever tire of watching these. Tears, laughs, goosebumps…..every time. Thank you. XXX

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Steph & Nik’s Archerfield House Wedding Highlights Film

I, and love, and you….

It’s just fabulous when a couple get to write their own wedding vows, especially when they are done with absolute sincerity, love and a little dose of humour.

Steph & Nik’s wedding was a beauty.  Set in the rather stunning location of Archerfield House they enjoyed a fabulous day and we had an amazing time capturing all the stylish little details, and putting together this little story for their day.

One highlight for me was their dancing – the combination of DJ and the awesome ‘Magnets’ meant a pretty good party had been in full swing for a couple of hours by the time we left 😉 Oh yes they knew how to party!:)

A big thanks to Caroline at Candysnaps Photography – it was great fun working with you guys.

So, enjoy Steph and Nik’s wedding story.  Do feel free to drop us a little comment below with what you thought…


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Wonderful Winter Wedding Trailer at Signet Library Edinburgh

Winter weddings are something special. Yes they provide their own difficulties with light and weather (the ‘light’ part is pretty easy to overcome given the right gear, skill and careful lighting) but they always have a wonderful intimate feel to them.

Here’s a trailer from the last wedding of 2012 at the utterly stunning Signet Library in Edinburgh.

Katie and Rich’s Wedding ceremony started with pupils at Katie’s school singing carols – a lovely moment and introduction to the ceremony itself – and with that connection it was really important to start the trailer with a little snippet of a wonderful solo. Then from St Giles Cathedral and on to the Signet Library.

The whole day was flawless – to be expected given it was run by Heritage Portfolio – and a ton of fun, with the dancing being a particular highlight. So much fun stuff from that part of the day. In fact it was really tough to decide what to fit in this short trailer.

Well, watch for yourself. It’s a cool way to help count down the weeks as the main wedding film edit moves it’s way up the queue:)




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Julia & Olly – York Minster Wedding, England

It’s just fabulous when we get the chance to film more than one wedding for a family and Julia & Olly are in fact the third wedding we’ve filmed for these guys.  Kathryn and Robbie Collin’s wedding at Ardanaiseig in 2007, Jamie & Ailsa Collin’s Wedding at Fenton Tower in 2009 and now it’s the turn of the lovely, bubbly Julia and Olly.

It was a huge privilege to be asked to travel down to York to film their wedding at the stunning York Minster, and we had a ball.  There was so much fun and I do hope the film reflects this. I wish I could share the interviews we did with the guests as they were just hilarious… (Robbie Collin I’m thinking of you here!)

Olly’s step-father had the honour of conducting the ceremony at the Minster so that was a very important part of the film, hence the 2 ‘acts'; one showing the emotion and solemnity of the day, and the other highlighting the fun.

We had an amazing time down in York.  A very very beautiful place, and it was brilliant to take a couple of days after the wedding to unwind and explore…. I think we should do that after every wedding 😉

So, enjoy a little bit of sun on this cold slushy winters day.




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My One True Love – Cameron House Hotel Wedding Film

I’m going to keep the writing to a minimum for this blog post. The first of 2013.

Sometimes it’s best to let the film do the talking.

Jacqueline & Stuart’s Wedding at Cameron House Hotel was such a wonderful emotive and loving family event that it’s an absolute pleasure to share it with you.

I long for speeches like this, pure poetry.

Happy New Year! 2013 is going to be epic!


January 21, 2013 - 8:40 pm

Pamela and Rory - Still makes us smile. Amazing to be part of it!

January 21, 2013 - 7:04 pm

Jaq Agnew - Thank you, for everything x

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Merry Christmas – Archerfield House Wedding

As it’s our last day in the office (we have a wedding tomorrow) I just had to put up a quick trailer from a wedding with some truly beautiful vows.  LOVE IT when the couple write their own, just SO personal.

Stephen & Nik’s Wedding was a beauty. With the stunning backdrop of Archerfield House, the absolute demand that everyone at the wedding have FUN, and the love and emotion that was obvious to everyone….it was a rather lovely combination!

To borrow that line from a famous Christmas movie…. “love actually is all around”.

Oh and it was also brill to work with Caroline from Candysnaps photography – it’s safe to say we had fun:)

So, enjoy the trailer….

We’re taking some time off now to recharge and come back fresh and ready to work through the remaining edit queue. So, have a fabulous Christmas break, enjoy all that food and vino but mostly of course enjoy that precious time with family and friends.  We will x

Merry Christmas everone

Steve & Yvonne


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Alisdair & Rebecca’s Dundas Castle Christmas Wedding Trailer

Well it’s very nearly Christmas so definitely time for a quick Winter Wedding Film Trailer from a wedding the other week at Dundas Castle.

Sometimes it takes a lot of to-ing and fro-ing in the edit to find the right words and clips to be able to tell the story of the couple, but with Alisdair & Rebecca’s Wedding is was pretty easy. Rebecca’s mum’s speech was simply beautiful. Her stunning poem gave me everything I needed…. I was captivated by the poem when filming, and what a lovely story is was, so pleased you two found each other !

OK here goes….Hope you like it!

Merry Christmas



Great to work with the lovely Alan and Jackie Rankine from Rankine Photography  – that 10 minutes up on the Dundas Castle roof was stunning – Rebecca was SO brave in the sub-zero temperatures!:)

December 20, 2012 - 10:34 am

Zoe - Goosebumps….. always goosebumps… utterly gorgeous images guys – congratulations to the newly weds <3 xxxxxxx

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Jade & Stuart’s Wedding Trailer – St Andrews Old Course Wedding

Following on from last week’s Wedding Trailer, today we change pace completely.

We really do try and show some of the personality of the couple themselves, the feel and style of their wedding and that’s reflected in Jade & Stuart’s Trailer. Featuring the wonderful church reading by Stuart’s father it’s a lovely reflective piece.

As the lovely photo book that Jade made for Stuart said… This is their ‘Journey So far”.

Hope you like it.




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Hopetoun House Wedding Film Trailer – Dominique & Sean

Hello Friday!

As we head towards the weekend I thought it’s the perfect time to share Sean & Dominique’s Wedding Trailer.

A fun, laughter and event packed day at the stunning Hopetoun House, ending with a simply stunning fireworks display devised by the masters over at 21cc Fireworks (of course!).  Great to spend time with Niels and Alie at BlueSky Photography too.

No need for a build up…. ready, steady…action!




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Julia & James – Wedding Film Highlights – Dundas Castle Wedding Video


That’s what we strive to create.  Real wedding films that tell the story of real wedding days with no fakery or contrived set pieces! Using all the various elements of imagery and sound to create something special, films that will transport the couple right back to the most amazing day of their lives together.  It’s quite a responsibility, but one I relish.


The other aspect is being true to the bride and groom, to really bring out the personality and feel of their wedding day – not some cookie cutter rehash of other films.

So here is James & Julia’s Wedding day story.  Despite being in the height of a Scottish summer, it was wet.  Very wet.  We did however get out onto the roof of Dundas Castle for a brief spell in the evening to grab some stunning shots (a couple of which make it into this short highlights film). As a Half Scottish-Half Australian wedding, family had come from all over the world to help James & Julia celebrate and no amount of ‘wet stuff’ was going to dampen their spirits.

The thing is, as you’ll see from the film, the weather is just not important.  It’s the people that matter and that’s what this wedding is all about, being real and being true to James & Julia’s day.

Their main wedding film is pretty fast paced and fun, so when it came to creating their highlights film I went for something slower to balance things out.   Given some of the wonderful heartfelt speeches the guys came up with, I think I made the right choice as.  It’s an emotional ride.

Hope you like it.

Huge thanks to James & Julia – you guys were so much fun to be with, a total hoot in the morning and Julia you just beamed and beamed all day:) Also a massive thanks to Sarah Elizabeth Photography – just brilliant to work with you as always, the time and consideration you give us is hugely appreciated.  We have a right laugh too (shhh!).




December 4, 2012 - 1:46 pm

Sarah Elizabeth - We do have a laugh, work probably shouldn’t be this much fun should it?

I love these guys and this wedding is up there with one of my favourite EVER. Gorgeous couple, brilliant venues, lovely, lovely families, we weren’t going to let a bit of rain spoil our fun. So happy we got up on the to roof, totally worth it.

I cried (alot) at this, such a fantastic memory of a fab, fun filled day.

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Jordan & Joanne – Ruffletts Hotel St Andrews – Wedding Film

Jordan & Joanne’s Wedding was just beautiful.

The stunning church for the ceremony, all the little details, the amazing skies in the field at Ruffletts, J&J themselves and of course their gorgeous wee girl Joely:)

The preparation and ceremony were such important parts of the day, and were full of anticipation of reaching that special moment where they were pronounced husband and wife.  So it was great to match this up with one of their song choices to really build the film up gently and almost burst into the celebration of finally being married; the reception, photos and party afterwards ending with some awesome dancing!!

We had a brilliant day, so much fun and a huge thanks to J&J for venturing into the field that evening for some stunning shots with the most wonderful dramatic sky.  Thanks also to our pals over at Blue Sky Photography for helping to make the day a fabulous experience.


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VOWS Awards 2012 Winner Best Videographer Cherry Tree Films


OK we’re stunned!

We’re completely and utterly delighted to say that on Monday night we were awarded the 2012 Scottish VOWS Award for Best Videographer!  I know it’s not the first time we’ve won but it’s all the more special knowing that we’re still doing something right and that our fabby couples voted for us and hold us in such high regard!

Without resorting to a boring string of Oscar cringing thank you’s, I’d like to just say a very quick three….

The first is to the VOWS Awards folks themselves, Liz and the team did a brilliant job organising a superb event and the 80’s theme  was inspired.  Thanks for working so hard to pull together a cracking night!

Secondly thanks to Stu and Yvonne, couldn’t have done it without you, we have such good fun doing what we do and I guess it shows!  Yvonne…. your organisational and customer service skills are immense 😀

Finally a massive thank you to our wonderful wonderful couples!  You are all so patient and kind, and it’s been amazing getting to know you all over the past year.  We really do look forward to keeping in touch and as the years roll by 😀

Cheers everyone!
December 13, 2012 - 2:58 pm

Dominique Seymour - Congratulations Cherry Tree!! So well deserved for such a fantastic team, Yvonne, Steve & Stuart! We had such a great day with you, love our trailer & can’t wait to see our video. All the best for another successful year ahead for you all :)

November 12, 2012 - 11:07 am

Hayley Whalen - Fantastic news and so deserved!! Well done to you all,
Hayley & Kevin Whalen x

November 1, 2012 - 1:45 pm

Holly Smith - Congratulations!!! Not at all surprising, you guys are incredible and the work you do is so special! Enjoy celebrating!

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