Happy Mothers Day (Now with Added Video)

Happy Mothers Day!

Callum wanted to cook Yvonne a nice breakfast in bed, so I took the chance to capture this momentous occasion (our 11yr old ‘cooking’!!) on film!

Here is the result…. quickly edited in the style of Gordon Ramsay’s ‘F Word’. (Oh and I PROMISE it was ‘fudge’.  You’ll see.)

Here’s to mum’s the world over!


March 15, 2010 - 3:34 pm

mark - Oi Towle(s)

You can send over Callum with a screen wipe for my monitor which is now covered in tea!

I blame the parents…..


March 14, 2010 - 11:23 pm

Sarah & Jenny - Could Callum please come and get my lot trained! Actually can’t complain as I got a lovely link sausage roll this morning but not served with that finesse! Great film think you have a chef/actor in the making!

March 14, 2010 - 7:23 pm

Niels & Alie - Guys, you’ve made us smile lots over the last few weeks – amazing, no INCREDIBLE wedding films and now this epic how to make scrambled eggs (perfectly BTW!).
There truly is NO end to your talent.
You guys totally rock.
We can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

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